INIConfigLoader -

Library to read .INI configuration files.


The library for PC (.NET 2.0) could be downloaded here:
The library for WinCE (CF .NET 2.0) could be downloaded here:


Mauro Scomparin <>


You can use it as you like in your projects. It would be nice if you send me an email here if you use this library in your program.
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How to use it:

Just use the method readValue(sectionName, paramName) to read from the file you set in FilePath the value you want to read.


using INIConfigReader;
INILoader loader = new INILoader("Path\to\your\file.ini");
string value = loader.readValue("section_1", "param_1");

That's it!

Sintax of .INI file:

[section] #comment
param="value" #comment

An example (Example.ini) file is located in the library main folder.

Any comment / suggestion / bug?

You can write to me about the library here

History: - Bug in comments inside section fixed. - First version