msop10adapter - 1.0

It's a simple board to use msop10 packaged chips with a breadboard or whatever. It has been developed using the Kicad suite.


The kicad project and documentation can be downloaded here:


Mauro Scomparin <>


Licenza Creative Commons
msop10adapter by Mauro Scomparin is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribuzione - Condividi allo stesso modo 2.5 Italia License

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It would be nice if you send me an email here if you use this and you can also donate something with the button below if you like it.

How to use it:

- Create in your favorite way the board (photo-incision, toner-transfer, pcb manufacturing...).
- Solder the chip in it.
- Have fun with it!

Any comment / suggestion / bug?

You can write to me about this here

History: - First version